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Sedona City Council to take comment on APS rate case March 29

Post Date:03/15/2017 5:28 PM


Electric towerThe Sedona City Council agreed at the March 14 meeting to take additional public input on the APS rate case before the Arizona Corporation Commission. The question is whether the city should formally provide comment to the commission on behalf of residents regarding the proposed terms of the settlement agreement between APS and a number of intervening parties.

The meeting will be held March 29 at 3 p.m. in the Sedona City Council chambers at 102 Roadrunner Dr., Sedona.

Under a proposed settlement agreement APS would change its rate structure, some customer billing practices, and alter some provisions affecting solar customers. Of particular interest to Sedona residents are provisions impacting those who opt out of smart meters. A large number of Sedona residents, estimated at approximately 40 percent, have opted out; many who expressed concerns to the Sedona City Council cited proposed fees for opting out. 

The council decision to seek public comment will preclude the city from signing on to the proposed settlement agreement by the March 24, 2017, filing date; the city will retain the option to submit comment to the Arizona Corporation Commission about the case before the commission’s April 3 deadline for direct testimony to be filed in support of, or opposition to, the settlement.

The APS rate case is scheduled for an evidentiary hearing by the commission beginning on April 24, 2017.

Read the Arizona Corporation Commission news release to get information about upcoming public hearings for the APS Settlement Agreement, which includes a hyperlink for citizens to submit comments online.

Read the settlement agreement here.

Information about the Residential Utility Consumer Office’s support for the agreement is available on their website on the pending cases page.

APS posted a news release on March1 about the settlement.



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