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Oak Creek E. coli reduction

Post Date:06/04/2018 6:02 p.m.

As we roll into summer, the city would like to remind everyone that Oak Creek, a state-designated “Outstanding Arizona Water,” is also an ‘Impaired Water.” The impairment is because of E. coli, a fecal coliform bacteria present in the intestines of warm-blooded creatures, including humans, dogs, and wildlife such as javelina, deer, skunks and raccoons.

Please help reduce impacts to Oak Creek by picking up pet and livestock waste on both public property and in your own fenced yard. The city has 13 pet waste stations in parks, high volume traffic areas, and at trailheads, and Forest Service maintains others with bags for gathering and a receptacle for disposal.

The city collected 5.59 tons of pet waste between January 2014 and December 2017, and 1,426 pounds through mid-May of this year.  Other ways to minimize E. coli while recreating in Sedona and Oak Creek include:

- Disposing of baby diapers in proper receptacles.
- Packing out all trash and food waste, especially near drainage and the creek, to prevent wild animals from scavenging and then defecating in proximity to the creek or drainage.
- Use of appropriate bathroom facilities.

Do what you can to minimize human impact to Oak Creek and help lessen the overall regional impact from all sources. To share ideas or provide feedback Michael Righi, assistant engineer, at (928) 203-5088 or


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