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Little Elf drainage work continues

Post Date:09/19/2018 9:57 a.m.


SEDONA, Ariz. – The city’s Coffee Pot drainage basin improvements project continues to move forward, on schedule and on budget.

Tiffany Construction Company, in conjunction with Arizona Water Company, UniSource Energy Services and the city will complete utility relocation work within the coming weeks for the Little Elf portion of the project, which is in the fourth and final phase.

This final phase involves construction of a sediment basin upstream of the 72-inch pipe’s inlet structure located on a city parcel west of the Sugarloaf Trailhead parking area. The sediment basin will allow stormwater runoff to spread out, slow down, and drop sediment prior entering the drainage system. Sediment reduction reduces abrasion of the interior pipe walls, reduces sediment accumulation in the drainage system, and helps the storm drain maintain conveyance capacity.

The city responded to input from neighboring residents by reducing the footprint of the basin by 65 percent to an approximate size of 100 by 140-feet. The bottom of the basin will be left open to allow for sediment storage and periodic sediment removal. To improve the appearance of the structure, the slopes along the basin edges will be landscaped with red rock boulders and native vegetation.

Basin work is scheduled to begin Sept. 26. Because there are no large vacant parcels in the project area the basin location will be used to stage equipment and materials during the construction period.

Installation of 72-inch drainage pipe is expected to begin in late October. Area residents will receive written notification at least three days prior to the start of major construction activities. Barring unforeseen circumstances or weather delays, work is expected to be completed in mid-April.  

Residents and service providers will have access to their properties at all times but may experience slight traffic delays because the road may be closed or restricted to one lane within the work zone during work hours. Tiffany Construction Company work hours will be 7 a.m. through 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Fridays. No work will occur on weekends.

Tiffany Construction Company is performing the work under a contract with the city. If you have any questions or concerns about this work or property access contact Cathy Wyatt of Tiffany Construction Company at (928) 204-9817. 

Questions about the overall drainage project can be directed to Sedona Associate Engineer David Peck at (928) 204-7108 or

History of the project. In September 2009, this area was flooded and experienced significant damage. In response, the city began the Coffee Pot drainage basin improvements project in 2015. The overall project comprises four phases of work with a total budget of $4.69 million. This final phase will extend the 72-inch storm drainage pipe along Little Elf Drive to the city parcel north of the Coffee Pot subdivision, with installation of the inlet structure and sediment basin to mitigate 25-year flood events.

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See the Little Elf sediment basin plan sheet  PDF


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