Motion Pictures


Sedona movie set for
Sedona movie set for "Johnny Guitar" - removed shortly after filming in 1959
movie starred Joan Crawford. (where Posse Grounds is today)

During the film hayday of the 1940s, the CCC camp buildings were converted into the Sedona Lodge (on the site of the current day King's Ransom Inn) and the Sedona Sound Stage was built next door. Other new businesses cropped up to cater to the needs of movie crews. The movie industry provided a small economic boom for the community as local residents were employed as carpenters, extras and livestock wranglers.

To date, nearly 100 films and numerous television productions have been shot partially or entirely on location in Sedona. Development of the city now limits the scenes and backdrops available to film crews. More recent films have been The Karate Kid, The Quick and the Dead, Nobody's Fool, and Midnight Run.