Local Artists Featured at City Hall


Sedona City Hall Art Rotation     

October through December 2017

The City Hall Art Rotation program rotates three artists every three months. The exhibit is displayed in the Council Chambers and Vultee Conference Room. To make an appointment to view the exhibits in the City Hall Art Rotation Program, please contact Nancy Lattanzi at 928-203-5078 or via email at NLattanzi@SedonaAz.gov

The next Artist Reception will be

Thursday, November 30th

11:00 am to 2:00 pm

in the Council Chambers & Vultee Conference Room

City Hall is located at 102 Roadrunner Drive



Mary Helsaple 

"Nature's Network"


 Mary Helsaple Head shot

From October through December, Sedona’s City Hall is exhibiting 15 beautiful and remarkably intricate watercolor paintings entitled “Nature’s Network,” created by Mary Helsaple. Raised in California, Helsaple is an avid birdwatcher, as well as a national exhibiting watercolor artist, who moved to the Southwest from Colorado in 2008. She is a realistic narrative painter and her goal is to tell a story that connects people to nature.

The premise in Helsaple’s work asks several questions:

  • Where and how do humans fit into their environment?  

  • What niche do we fill and who shares it with us?

  • Since we engage nature every day, is this a culture clash or a symbiotic relationship?

 “Whether jungle, desert, water or sky, how we engage with nature is paramount to understanding our world and our responsibilities to it. My artistic efforts go in to creating detailed, poignant wildlife art that inspires others to understand the diversity of the planet’s inhabitants and respect how each of us play a vital part in preserving for the future,” Helsaple states.

Each painting in this collection has a written description with the premise from the artist’s perspective with other clues and details to find. Helsaple’s watercolors are large works on paper, done in the narrative style with finely detailed images of plants birds, animals and insects, which merge into natural surroundings in familiar and exotic habitats. Since moving to Sedona, she has been exploring a 3D process that involves cutting, rolling, layering and adhering pieces to the paper to the watercolor paper surfaces. This technique adds depth to traditional watercolor.

Arts & Culture Coordinator, Nancy Lattanzi states, “I have wanted to exhibit Mary’s work for quite some time and I am thrilled the time is now. Visiting her Open Studio several years ago, I was mesmerized not just by her meticulous watercolor technique, but by the many layered messages in each painting, which instantly struck a chord within me. Each message causes one to pause and reflect on the current state of our planet and what role we each contribute to our earth’s fragile future.”

This collection of paintings have traveled across the USA and exhibited at numerous museums since 1996, which includes the Smithsonian’s Exhibition Tropical Rainforest Exhibition in Denver. Helsaple has been published in American Artist, Watercolor Magazine, Southwest Art, USA Today, Variety and Time Magazine. Her photos were featured in Canon Camera’s Endangered Species Series and National Geographic Magazine. Noteworthy exhibitions include; Artists on Expeditions with Curt Walters and the Grand Canyon Land Trust and Painting Down the Rapids. She was awarded Colorado’s Governor’s Award in the Arts in 2000 and Women of Distinction Award 2000.  Helsapple has also collaborated on television programs, which received four National Television Emmys Awards for nature and wildlife documentaries.

Helsaple will be participating in the Sedona Visual Arts Coalition Fall Open Studio Tour November 10th - 13th. For a map visit, www.Sedonavisualartistscoalition.org.

Mary Helsaple DIVERSITY

 Diversity, Mary Helsaple 


 Trouble in Paradise, Mary Helsaple

Mary Helsaple INTRUDER

 Intruder, Mary Helsaple



Christine Debrosky

Sedona Pathways: Sunsplashed Impressions

Oil & Pastels

Christine Debrosky Head Shot

From October through December, Sedona’s City Hall will be illuminated with the glowing landscapes of Christine Debrosky. From the blush of early morning light, to the dazzle of mid-day, to the rich amber tones towards sundown, this exhibition of pastel and oil paintings is a celebration of the Sedona area.

Since relocating here from New York State’s Hudson Valley nine years ago, Debrosky has been traversing the region’s roadways, hiking trails, canyons and streams, working en plein air to gain an intimate understanding and to gather material for her colorful impressionist paintings. Some of the vistas may be familiar landmarks, others are off the beaten path, each rendered in a way that invites the viewer to pause and reflect for a few moments in this hurried world. Her work has been described as making the ordinary extraordinary.

 “Working on location has allowed me to become familiar with the landscape that is not possible in any other way. It is an unmatched direct experience. Once back working in the studio, I can distill the elements of my field work in to a carefully orchestrated composition, allowing me to fully express the initial inspiration or the ‘wow’ moment that I want to convey to the viewer. The dramatic light allows for continued inspiration, learning and growth as an artist. I am delighted to be sharing this collection of works, which show why I feel so fortunate to be living in this spectacular area,” she states.

Nancy Lattanzi, Arts & Culture Coordinator states, “I stumbled upon Christine’s work during an Open Studio tour and remember walking into her sunlit studio and stopping in my tracks to take in all the beauty. She is clearly an accomplished artist, whose paintings and pastels display a palette of colors that are deeply engaging. I hope the public can make time to come and see her exceptional work, which I am proud to have on display at the City.”

Debrosky’s work has been exhibited across the United States and Europe and has been included in numerous books and magazine articles, such as in SouthwestArt, Plein Air magazine and Pratique des Artes to name a few. Her work has garnered rainbows of ribbons in many prestigious juried exhibitions and has earned her signature membership with the American Impressionist Society, Master status with the International Association of Pastel Societies and inclusion in “Who’s Who in American Art” among other honors.


Christine Debrosky Technicolor Crossing

 Technicolor Crossing, Christine Debrosky 

Christine Debrosky Oak Creek Lapis and Ochre

Oak Creek Lapis and Ochre, Christine Debrosky  

Christine Debrosky Deep Vermillion Shadows 

 Deep Vermillion, Christine Debrosky



Susan Munich Henkels

Tree Art

Colored Pencils

Susan Henkels Head Shot 

Susan Munich Henkels was born and grew up in Lexington, Kentucky amidst some of the most beautiful trees in the country. She remembers her attraction from early on when trees would show up in every first to eighth grade drawing she ever did. She was either climbing, falling out of, or drawing trees. She never grew out of that particular phase of her life. Henkels states, “Moving to Sedona in 1989 has been a constant source of inspiration for my drawings and for my work as a psychotherapist, as psychology and art are a beautiful blend.”

Her focus on trees is similar to discovering the inner spirit of the soul, and when recognized and appreciated that soul can be nurtured and bloom. “The preciseness that the pencil provides lends itself to the detail I can explore, much the way I work with people. A final image emerges through the process of repetition and refinement. Look at my drawings through what you see about yourself and your own process,” she states.

Nancy Lattanzi, Arts & Culture Coordinator states, “It is always eye opening to discover someone that is esteemed in one field, yet happens to be talented in another field. Susan is not only a well respected therapist in our community, but a gifted artist. What she can do with a Prisma colored pencil is nothing short of incredible. Her clear passion and connection to trees is so meticulously captured within the soft hues she so deftly masters with colored pencils. I am very happy to be able to exhibit her nature themed work and invite the public to stop by to experience this beautiful exhibit.”

Henkels is a member of the International Colored Pencil Society and has shown her work in 3 International Colored Pencil Exhibitions in the country. This has earned her Signature status as a colored pencil artist. Her work has exhibited in the Elegant Earth Exhibition at the Sedona Art Center and can be found in private collections in the United States and Europe.


Susan Henkels - West Fork

 West Fork, Susan Henkels 

Susan Henkels - Root to Heaven

Root to Heaven, Susan Henkels  

Susan Henkels - Wilson Mountain Wisdom

 Wilson Mountain Wisdom, Susan Henkels