Local Artists Featured at City Hall


Sedona City Hall Art Rotation     

May through August 2019


The City Hall Art Rotation program customarily rotates three artists

every three months. On rare occasions there may be a solo exhibit.

 The exhibit is displayed in the Council Chambers

and Vultee Conference Room at 102 Roadrunner Drive

To make an appointment for best viewing time,

please call Arts & Culture Coordinator, Nancy Lattanzi

at 928-203-5078 or email NLattanzi@SedonaAZ.gov


The next Artist Reception will be featuring

Painter, Nicholas Kirsten Honshin

"The Art of Connectivity"


Carol Kahn's Photography


Thursday, June 27th

4:00 - 6:00 pm

Council Chambers & Vultee Conference Room

With Guest Musician

Arvel Bird

on flute + violin

Arvel City Hall

Photo by Nancy Lattanzi




Nicholas Kirsten Honshin

Honshin Photo Working

Photo by Renick Turley

Press Release

View Nicholas Honshin’s “The Art of Connectivity” Exhibit at City Hall

From now through the end of August Nicholas Kirsten Honshin’s captivating paintings and poetry are on display at City Hall. Also exhibiting are the distinctive photographs created by Carol Kahn. Please save the date to meet Honshin and Kahn at their reception on Thursday, June 27 from 4-6pm in the Council Chambers.

Honshin is a legacy artist, who started painting and learning about art from his father when he was 7 years old. He was the owner of two galleries in Seattle, Washington representing his own work, as well as forty artists for thirty five years. His art and poetry are a reflection of the merging of art, science and nature. The symbols you see in his artwork reflect his experience with and study of Eastern spiritual practices and the philosophies of Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism and ancient Mesoamerican cultures. His work is a mythic amalgamation of age-old healing practices - using color, form and light with the present trends in spirituality, science and nature, resulting in a true fusion of East and West.

Honshin moved to Sedona in 2007. He and his wife Krystal manage two galleries deep in the heart of Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village, a place that has become known as a place of connectivity. With two galleries Honshin Fine Art invites visitors to the Gallery of the Ascending Spirit and Gallery of Wholeness, Harmony and Radiance, where you will discover the beauty and healing energy of art. Experience the connectivity in the gallery as locals and visitors alike are treated to poetry, music, food and a talk on the present trends in science, art and nature. Honshin states, “What we want people to experience in the gallery is the beauty and sacredness of nature’s heart, so that they can see that same beauty and sacredness in their own hearts.”

Since 2001 his artwork has been featured in a series of datebooks and calendars paired with the teachings of Thich Nhat Hahn and sold worldwide. Through art and poetry these products inspire people to practice the principles of compassion, love, kindness, and the joy of living in the present moment.

The exhibit at City Hall called, The Art of Connectivity, shows how art and symbols have an eternal voice telling a story that connects us all. The Council Chamber depicts the Black and White series, which is a group of work recalling the early petroglyphs and symbols used to communicate messages. There are paintings that continue with the evolution of symbols into color, more movement and more modern depiction of the ancient messages. The art in the Vultee room is dedicated to the complicated stories and messages of the Mayans, as well as images from nature.

Honshin spends his time painting, writing poetry, making jewelry and sculpture of the sacred symbols. He speaks at various venues on art, healing, science & the perennial philosophies. Honshin’s newly released documentary “The Original Mind, Take the Journey from Your Head to Your Heart” – highlights the philosophy of his own journey from his head to his heart. When we can meet in that sacred space of heart and art, peace and understanding are just one heartbeat away.

Arts and culture coordinator Nancy Lattanzi adds, “I am honored to be exhibiting a variety of meditational paintings created by Nicholas Kirstin Honshin. In this hectic paced world we live in, his work exudes a sense of calm. If you take a closer look at his paintings, you will see numerous symbols that tell rich stories from prehistoric to current times. The common thread that connects art to nature is truly healing. I hope the public will take time to view this tranquil exhibit, explore the poems and leave feeling a sense of peace and gratitude.”


Honshin - Corvus Councils Requim to the Ancient Ancestial Hearts

Corvus Councils Requim to the Ancient Ancestial Hearts

Honshin - Ancient Mountain Spirits

Ancient Mountain Spirits

Honshin - Phoenix Rising T

 Phoenix Rising T

Thirty Dolphins Dancing

  Thirty Dancing Dolphins

  Photos by Krystal Kirsten Honshin



Carol Kahn

 Carol Kahn Headshot

Photo by Gary Glenn

Press Release

 View Carol Kahn’s “Reflections” Photography Exhibit

From now through the end of August, the distinctive photographs created by Carol Kahn are now on display at City Hall. Also featured is Nicholas Kirsten Honshin, whose captivating art and poetry are a reflection of the merging of art, science and nature. Save the date to meet and greet Kahn and Honshin at their reception on Thursday, June 27 from 4-6pm in the Council Chambers.

Kahn has been taking photos on and off for 40 years. She majored in broadcasting and minored in photojournalism at the University of Maryland, but instead of taking the photography route, she opted to produce television shows and documentaries. During her career, she has interviewed many well-known public figures including Maya Angelou and 1986 Nobel Peace Prize and Nobel Laureate, Elie Wiesel. She also interviewed artists Peter Max and LeRoy Neiman as well as many athletes and celebrities including Sylvester Stallone, Charlize Theron, Sir Ben Kingsley and Bette Midler. She has done interviews in studio, on location and on the red carpet. Carol moved to Sedona in 2015 and worked with Red Rock TV.  She produced a series called “Art & Soul” highlighting four Sedona artists including Nicholas Honshin. She has immersed herself in the arts, doing interviews for the Sedona Film Festival and is on the Board of Trustees for the Fine Arts Museum of Sedona. “Interviewing people is my forte! I feel honored and privileged to be sharing their stories and doing that here in Sedona,” she says.

Over the last several years her photography has shifted from landscapes and beautiful scenery to more close-ups of nature. Kahn began taking photos of the inside of flowers, seeing colors and patterns she had never seen before.  More recently she began photographing water, studying its movement and its reflection of color. It caused her to see things in an abstract form and changed her perspective. Her work is continually evolving. Each photo she takes is not manipulated, other than tweaking to adjust the light.  

To quote Henry David Thoreau, “The world is but a canvas to our imagination.” Kahn states, “The camera is my paintbrush as I capture a brief moment in time. I tend to spend hours being in nature, marveling at life itself. I like finding the unusual, the abstractness of life – whether it’s a reflection in water, the inside of a flower, veins in a rock, the patterns of bark on a tree, or just color and light – time seems to stand still when I hold my camera in my hand. My adrenaline pumps, my heart beats faster, I enter into the artist's zone and the euphoric dance with nature and light begins. In my mind's eye, my photographs are visually composed before I even press down on the shutter release button to take the shot. There seems to be an energy exchange between nature and myself.  As John Muir once said,” “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” I can certainly attest to that.”

Her body of work exhibited at the Sedona City Hall showcases an engaging series of reflections in water, rust on old vehicles, the inside of a kaleidoscope and just nature itself. What these photos represent is art in nature.  Each picture looks more like a painting than a photograph. Photography is her passion and the closest thing that makes her heart sing.

Arts and culture coordinator, Nancy Lattanzi states, “The moment I attended the Art & Soul series, which Carol beautifully created, was when I learned about her special gift for telling peoples stories. It was wonderful to discover much more about 4 prominent Sedona artists and their work, as well as see inside their studios. When I saw the body of work she created as she began to dive deeper into her photography skills, I immediately invited her to show her “Reflections” series at City Hall, which depicts a close look at many interesting colors and patterns she sees. This exhibit is a beautiful pairing with Nicholas Honshin’s work, whose theme is also the connection with art and nature through painting. I hope the community makes time to visit and view this wonderful new exhibit.”

Kahn states, “This is my very first public exhibition, and I am grateful to Nancy Lattanzi and the City of Sedona for encouraging me to display my work. It challenged me to produce a body of work with confidence.” 


3. Carol Kahn Channeling Monet

 Channeling Monet

 5. Melodic Berrires

Melodic Berries

4. Carol Kahn Mirror Mirror

 Mirror Mirror

 5. Carok Kahn The Red Fan

The Red Fan

  Photos by Carol Kahn