Local Artists Featured at City Hall


Sedona City Hall Art Rotation     

May through August 2018


The City Hall Art Rotation program rotates three artists every three months.

 The exhibit is displayed in the Council Chambers and Vultee Conference Room.

The City Hall Art Rotation exhibits are located in the Council Chambers,

as well as the gallery in the Vultee conference room

City Campus, 102 Roadrunner Drive.

To make an appointment for best viewing time,

please call Nancy Lattanzi at 928-203-5078,

or email NLattanzi@SedonaAZ.gov.


The next Artist Reception will be

Thursday, June 28th

4:00 - 6:00 pm

in the Council Chambers & Vultee Conference Room

City Hall is located at 102 Roadrunner Drive


With Harpist Peter Sterling

Peter Sterling Reduced

Peter Sterling is a award winning harpist who began to play after a series of life changing angelic encounter's in the canyons of Sedona in the early 1990's. His heart felt and celestial harp music has touched the hearts and souls of 1000's world wide with many listeners reporting beautiful visions,angel encounters and even miraculous healing's while listening to Peter's heavenly music. During his 28 year career with the harp his recordings have been at the top of the radio charts and nominated for several awards. Recently Peter won the Hollywood Music Award for Best New Age song of 2017! His book "Hearing the Angels Sing" published by Light Technology Publishing, chronicles his 20 year journey as one of the angels harpists bringing the heavenly harmonics to earth during this time of rapid planetary transformation. Peter presents lectures and workshops on angels, creativity and the healing power of sound and music world wide. He resides in the red rock country of Sedona Az where he guides individuals and groups into the magic and mystery of the back country and sacred power spots. Visit Peter at www.harpmagic.com



Harriet McInnis

Oil Paintings

 Harriet McGinnis Head shot

From now through the end of August, the beautiful oil paintings created by Harriet McGinnis are now on display at City Hall. Save the date to meet and greet McGinnis at her reception on Thursday, June 28 from 4-6pm.

 “I always wanted to learn how to draw and paint,” said McInnis, recalling her first art project – a Thanksgiving turkey poster she created for her 3rd grade class. Enrolled as a Fine Arts major at Syracuse University, she took the basic college requirements her first two years, with special courses in Art History and Graphic Arts. “I was honored to be selected for the first Syracuse Semester in Italy program through the Experiment in International Living.  There were 22 political science majors and two art students,” said McInnis.  Living in Florence was so inspiring.”  Yet she changed her major to International Relations upon her return to campus.

Marriage and a career didn’t provide time for art lessons until she moved to Sedona in 1991.  However, she and her husband Jim had to work, so her first class through the Sedona Arts Center wasn’t until 2011, studying primarily under Gretchen Lopez. Other instructors have included Vince Fazio, Michael Chesley Johnson, Julie Gilbert Pollard and Christine Debrosky. 

“Its’s such a challenge looking at a blank canvas! When I approach a painting, I am eager to express what I see and feel, to use innovative techniques and to develop the brush strokes and use of color that will enhance the image.  I am now learning the value and beauty of plein air painting.  It’s not only fun, but helps develop a critical eye for nature’s color,states McGinnis.

Even though it took nearly two decades to put paint to canvas, McGinnis became indirectly involved in the arts since her move here.  She established Sedona Art Tours taking visitors to galleries and artists’ studios. She joined the Red Rock Arts Council and, in 1994, became chairman of the Sedona Sculpture Walk, remaining its chairman for five years.  She also served as president of RRAC (1995-2016), helping to raise funds for the first “art in public places” installation: the Sedona Schnebly monument gracing the entrance to the Sedona Public Library. During the ensuing years, RRAC continued to generate funds and was able to sponsor another project at the Sedona Heritage Museum: “The Storytellin’ Cowboy” which included sculptures of two young children, “Josie” and “Joey.”

Nancy Lattanzi, Arts & Culture Coordinator states, “Harriet was one of the first people I met when I began my work at the City on the sculpture installations at the Sedona Heritage Museum. I was always so impressed with her knowledge of the arts, as well as her breadth of involvement in the arts community over the years. Most know Harriet for all the significant projects she has helped launch for our community and continues to promote to this day. What most do not know, is she is a gifted painter. I am truly pleased to finally exhibit her engaging landscapes, still life paintings and portraits, offering her the exposure she so deserves. I hope the public takes time to see her work and learn more about this multi-talented woman.”

Harriet also formerly served as President of the Arizona Opera League of Northern Arizona, on the board of the Sedona Arts Center and as an associate member of the Sedona Gallery Association.  She is currently Vice Chair of the Sedona Art Museum.


Harriet McGinnis Marina in Rockport ME

 Marina at Rockport Maine, Harriet McInnis

Harriet McGinnis Haystacks

 Haystacks, Harriet McInnis

Harriet McGinnis Lovely in Lace

Lovely in Lace, Harriet McInnis



Meg Munro

"Beauty's Bounty"


Meg Munro Head Shot

From now through the end of August, detailed watercolor paintings created by Meg Munro are now on display at City Hall. Save the date to meet and greet Munro at her reception on Thursday, June 28 from 4-6pm.

For all artists, their work is integral to who they are. It helps define them to themselves and to the world. For Munro, mastering the medium of watercolor has been directly proportionate to self-discovery.

Munro spent 30 years in Mexico developing her voice as a watercolor artist. Born of that time was a wild love for the culture, the landscape and deep connection she felt to the spiritual icons represented there. As a result, layers of depth and intricate depictions of lush natural scenes flowed from her brush, while layers of self-belief and commitment flowed from her art to her heart and vice versa.

Munro states, “Art has been what keeps me moving forward. It engages my mind and helps it become thoughtful. It merges my need for mastering something with a need to have meaning in life. It is both a relationship with myself and with something “other” that I can never fully figure out. I guess it is how I am the evolving me.”

This exhibit highlights images from the years that Munro has spent making art and creating herself. Each tableau communicates a piece of the artist, adding up to who she is now and how she visually expresses the ongoing search for meaning in our lives.

Working mainly in watercolor, creating intricate and accurate depictions of her subject matter is a challenge! But Munro says she chose the medium because it was a difficult one. She creates her signature glowing images using the grisaille method, an underpainting technique of light to dark that helps to amplify bright colors and unique subjects.

Nancy Lattanzi, Arts & Culture Coordinator states, “I was delighted to discover Meg when I visited Creative Gateways during Open Studios back in October. Meg was quietly painting on a large canvas next to a sunlit window in one of the serene rooms of the gallery. When I saw such exquisite colors creating floral and Mexican cultural themes, I instantly knew I wanted to exhibit her work at the City this Spring. I encourage the public to stop by to explore the work of this award winning artist.”

Munro’s work is in both public and private collections internationally, including Saks 5th Avenue in Fort Meyers and Orlando Florida. She has also been exhibited at the Peter Gray Museum in Puerto Vallarta.

Meg Munro Look to the Lilies in the Field..... 

Look to the Lilies in the Field, Meg Munro

 Meg Munro The Messentger

The Messenger, Meg Munro

Meg Munro Sentinels 

Sentinels, Meg Munro