Local Artists Featured at City Hall


Artworks at City Hall, January-March 2017

Goldenstein and Latanzi posing with artwork

The city is proud to feature three different local artists every three months for our City Hall Art Rotation program. The public is invited to visit our sculpture garden thanks to the generosity of Linda Goldenstein.

Members of the public can view all works in the plaza and public areas and are welcome make an appointment to view indoor exhibits by contacting Arts and Culture Coordinator Nancy Lattanzi at 928-203-5078 or NLattanzi@SedonaAZ.gov

Artists represented in our sculpture garden are James Muir, David Phelps, Cheston Trammel and Sherab "Shey" Khandro. Permanent installation "Anazai" created by John Soderberg is located in the northwest part of our courtyard.

At right: Linda Goldenstein, Goldenstein Gallery and Nancy Lattanzi, Arts & Culture Coordinator for the city, stand by James Muir's magnificent sculpture, "Caduceus."   Goldenstein has generously curated a one-of-a-kind Public Art Installation at City Hall. 



Clark Sheppard Clark head shot   

 "Celebrating Sedona's Magic and Beauty"
Location: City Council Chambers Vultee and Schnebly Conference Rooms
Artist website www.mcshep.com

“Celebrating Sedona’s Magic and Beauty,” is what Clark Sheppard, a 13 year resident of Sedona, expresses daily with his whimsical paintings created in oil, acrylic and watercolor. His exhibit is now showing at Sedona’s City Hall through the end of March.

The whimsical feel of Sheppard’s work is greatly enhanced by the fact that he is living his dream in Sedona, a truly magical place. The unique and magical beauty of Sedona continually reminds him to open and expand his conscious awareness of and appreciation for the profound impact nature can have on us, when we truly pay attention to this wonderful planet we call Earth.

Sheppard, who signs his artwork McShep, was repeatedly exposed to art at a young age, but only became active as an artist in 1989. His father, a free-lance commercial artist working out of his home, never showed Clark how to paint. His initial exposure to painting began simply enough, through an adult evening education course at a local New Jersey high school. “I started with the medium of watercolor thinking, how hard can it be, only to discover that it was one of the most challenging mediums there is,” said Sheppard.  

He showed his first work to a good friend Gordon Haas, who is an accomplished artist with his own Gallery in Lambertville, New Jersey. Gordon was very positive, telling Sheppard he perceived the beginnings of some real talent and encouraged him to pursue his interest in art. Gordon then became Sheppard’s mentor and what started as dabbling, fast grew into a passion. The artist Thomas McKnight had a huge influence on Sheppard’s palette. To pay homage to him Sheppard decided to put a Mc in front of his nickname Shep. Thus, McShep Art Studios was birthed and to this day he signs his art, McShep.

Sheppard became interested in the Southwest after a ski vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He rolled his snowmobile and broke his hand. In order to kill time, he spent his days walking around galleries. He was particularly inspired by the artistic images he found in Southwest Art magazine. “When I saw the images of the Southwest, they spoke to me. I have been painting Southwest art ever since, even before moving to Sedona when I lived in New Jersey.” Sheppard recalled.

Sheppard recently received an email from Warner Bros. Television asking for permission to license his image of “Creekside Cathedral” for a new media series they are producing. “Of course at first, I thought it was a scam. Warner Bros. wants my art?” he questioned. After further investigation, Sheppard found the request to be authentic and has completed a signed contract with them.

Former President George W. Bush is a proud owner of Sheppard’s award winning painting “Patriotic Longhorns”. Sheppard’s art work has been seen in SouthwestArt Magazine, Cowboys and Indians, American Cowboy, Texas Monthly, and True West magazines. His original watercolor of “Goulding’s Stagecoach” hangs in the “Stagecoach” restaurant at Gouldings Lodge in Monument Valley, Arizona.

Creekside Cathedral 5x7_2

Creekside Cathedral

Pitiado 5x7 with border 300dpi_2_Sheppard


Sailing Sedonas Sky town hall_1_Sheppard

 Sailing Sedona's Sky

Sherab "Shey" Khandro
Shey Khandro photo "Artist of Intention"
Location: Council Chambers, Vultee & Schnebly Conference Rooms

Sherab Khandro’s shares her relevant message of peace and compassion through her harmonious paintings and sculpture work, now showing at Sedona’s City Hall through the end of March.

Accomplished painter, sculptor, speaker and writer, Khandro draws inspiration from her years of philosophical study and over two decades as a professional in the visual arts. Formally trained by Tibetan masters in exile in the U.S., she brings years of spiritual training to all of her work. Exploring symbols within our modern culture, imbuing her work with intention, Khandro tells a story inviting us to remember what is important in life and the qualities we are committed to embracing for the benefit of all. Through symbols of transformation: images of the Buddha and totems found in nature, she reminds us of our own natural beauty and the power of small acts to make a difference.

Drawn to the architecture of a composition in both paintings and sculpture, she is equally inspired by the play of color and the exploration of dimension and form. Often interactive, her sculpture is an invitation to engage. Using the detailed technique of pointillism in her paintings, the neo-impressionistic style in which tiny dots of color create rich and vibrant imagery. With each stroke of the brush comes a prayer of compassion. Each dot, offered as a jewel, a wish to end suffering in the world.  Khandro states, “As world citizens we have an opportunity, quite possibly a responsibility, to bring forth our best qualities for the benefit of all, giving birth to the deepest aspirations of our hearts through our words and our deeds. My art is my voice. I speak of Loving Kindness, Compassion and Peace.” 

A wide range of Khandro’s works can be seen online at GoldensteinArt.com.


Letting Go




Jim Peterson
Jim_Peterson photo Photography exhibit
Location: Council Chambers, Vultee & Schnebly Conference Rooms

Jim Peterson’s captivating photographs are now showing at Sedona’s City Hall through the end of March. Currently a resident of Sedona, Peterson grew up in northwestern New Mexico and has lived on both coasts (in California and Delaware) as well as in Illinois, Texas, Missouri and many places in the West. He attended the University of Chicago, receiving a B.A. in Music and a PhD in Biochemistry. He first took up photography while in graduate school. His interest in photography persisted while he worked as a research biochemist for five years and then moved on to a long career as an engineer, planner and manager in the Telecomm industry.

Upon retirement from that career, he redirected his energy to his lifelong artistic passion by starting a professional photography business. Over the years he has given back to the community by serving as a board member for a total of eight different non-profit organizations. His fine art photography has been featured in numerous galleries and exhibits in Phoenix and Sedona, as well as purchased by collectors worldwide.

Peterson’s work is inspired by a lifelong love of the natural world, which in turn was a very predictable result of growing up in the Southwest. He states, “If my images convey a bit of reverence for our threatened planet and its beautiful territories and inhabitants, then I feel that I am happily serving my mission.” His works have been nominated as finalists in several prestigious international competitions, and his infrared image Half Moon over Cockscomb Ridge recently took the “First Place – Outstanding Achievement” award in one of these competitions.

A wide range of Peterson’s works can be seen online at www.JamesPeterson.name. Peterson’s images are available in custom sizes and are offered in three fine finishes: standard photographic papers, fine art prints on canvas (stretched on a frame like an oil painting and ready to hang), as well as stunning glossy prints on aluminum panels (also ready to hang).


Nest of Hoodoos Badlands


Lone Cottonwood in Pool Canyon


Monsoon Storm Over White Mountains