Reagan Word's "The Open Gate"



On November 19, 2015, the dedication ceremony was held for The Open Gate, created by Reagan Word. A 34-year resident of Sedona, Word is a bronze sculptor, architect, and watercolor artist.

                               The Open Gate Photo



The Tlaquepaque Bridge is a current and long time gateway into Sedona. It is also near the terminus of the spectacular 8 mile highway into Red Rock Country. It seems only fitting that this should be marked with a unique and artistic gate motif illustrating the heritage of Sedona. This motif echoes our wonderful Oak Creek and brings it to center stage.

The Icons of the Gate:

The apple tree growing from the life giving waters of Oak Creek is guarded by the Great Blue Heron, a long time resident of Sedona. Many remember the heron at the bridge, a glimpse of which on the northbound pass over the old bridge was a delight and a welcome reminder of the eloquence and beauty of life along Oak Creek.

What better guard of the gate than the heron, which is a symbol of the pursuit of one’s unique individuality. This quest for our personal purpose in life is the hallmark of Sedona, where so many seek the comfort of beauty and the inspiration of the Spirit.

The Tree, the Spirit, nurtured by Sedona’s beauty, guarded by the heron, our commitment to our unique purpose in life, manifests itself into the fruit of our individual services, be they artistic, literary, theatrical, musical, educational, scientific or the healing arts. Be they preformed by any of the multitude of cultural or ethnic groups, these co-creators share the common denominator of the Spirit and the power and inspiring beauty of Nature.

Sedona is diverse in its paths and broad in its views. All that journey here find an open gate.



taking cover off

The unveiling of The Open Gate

with reagan jim mayor close up

Arts & Culture Coordinator Nancy Lattanzi, Jim Tyler of Metal Pro, Mayor Sandy Moriarty, Artist Reagan Word



with reagan mayor

Mayor Sandy Moriarty, Artist Reagan Word, Arts & Culture Coordinator Nancy Latttanzi



Communications & Public Affairs Manager Ginger Graham, Artist Ken Rowe, Artist Reagan Word, Artist Susan Kliewer, Arts & Culture Coordinator Nancy Lattanzi


  For more information, contact Nancy Lattanzi, Arts & Culture Coordinator, at 203-5078.