City Clerk FAQ


What is an Agenda?

An agenda lists the items that will be discussed at a city meeting including items to be acted or voted upon by the public body.

What is a Packet?

A Council packet contains information on each agendized item the Council will discuss at a meeting.  The week before a Council meeting, the Council receives their packet. This gives the Council time to read it and make informed decisions regarding the matters that come before them.

What is an Ordinance?

An ordinance creates the laws by which the City of Sedona is governed.  Ordinances are passed through a formal action of the Council.

What is a Resolution?

A resolution is a less formal action of the City Council.  A resolution is temporary or limited in applicability.  Resolutions are passed, for example, when an intergovernmental agreement is created between the City of Sedona and another governmental entity.