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Have Your Voice be Heard

Sedona is forging its own path with an innovative approach to citizen engagement. Launched in December of 2013, the Citizen Engagement Program capitalizes on efficient citizen participation and aims to capture a wide audience of Sedona’s citizens, making it easier for you to get involved.

The Citizen Engagement Program, which is based on the Citizen Engagement Plan:

  • increases the Sedona city government's access to its citizens' ideas and expertise
  • makes information about citizen engagement more transparent, accessible and interactive for all citizens
  • engages capable, motivated citizens in projects they care about that will improve their community
  • improves the collaborative processes among city staff, City Council and concerned citizens 

Read the full Citizen Engagement Plan.

Work Groups

Work groups are the main way to volunteer for the Citizen Engagement Program. They are groups of volunteers chosen to participate in giving the City input on a variety of topics. The topics of the work groups can be long range, such as, "What should we do with this acreage, that would best benefit the community," to more here and now topics like, "How should the new cell phone policy be enforced so that it's fair to both locals and tourists?"

Learn more about work groups, including a list of upcoming, current and past work groups, and a detailed list of the members of each work group, and their progress.

Community Plan Advisory Groups (CPAGs)

Another way to volunteer in the Citizen Engagement Program is through the CPAGs. Every year, a CPAG is formed to examine the Action Items listed in the Community Plan, to recommend to City Council which Action Items should be prioritized for the next year. This task ensures that the goals of the Community Plan are being met and the plan is being executed.

Learn more about the CPAGs and how to be involved.

Volunteer to be Part of the Citizen Engagement Program

We've launched the Volunteer Registry so that we have a volunteer bank to choose from when compiling work groups, committees, etc. for future City feedback and projects. Based on your answers in the questionnaire, we'll request for you to take part in these organizations. For example, if you are asked to partake in a work group, you will be notified of the work group issue, the number of times you will meet, what time and where, and then will disband when the work is completed.

We invite you to sign up now for our Citizen Engagement Program by filling out this volunteer questionnaire.

Don't Have Time to Volunteer?

We often create online surveys to give the community at large an opportunity to weigh in on the many issues that staff is working on.

We invite you to engage online: our City planners, City Council, and our City Manager all look to see what people are saying so it's a great way to participate in City issues.

Learn more about engaging online.

Citizen Suggestions

Another major component to the Citizen Engagement Program is our citizen suggestion process.

Do you have a suggestion that you would like the City to consider? Consider using the Comment Box or contacting the Citizen Engagement Coordinator, Lauren Browne, via email, phone, or text.

Community suggestions are welcomed and shared with the appropriate City staff person or City Council members. Learn more about the citizen suggestion process.

Community Survey

In 2017, the City conducted a community survey to hear from residents about quality of life in Sedona. Learn more here.

Learn More About the Program

To learn more, email Lauren Browne, the Citizen Engagement Coordinator, call her at (928) 203-5068 or text her at (928) 821-6958.

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