Citizen Suggestions


Get Your Suggestions in the Right Hands

Here at the City, we always want to hear your suggestions on how to make this community a better place. The Citizen Engagement Program provides a mechanism to collect citizen suggestions.

What Happens to Your Suggestion?

Either the Citizen Engagement Coordinator will address your suggestion, or pass it along to the staff person at the city who is in charge of that area of expertise.

How Do Suggestions Become a Reality?

If suggestions can be addressed at the staff level, they are. If they are larger ideas, especially having to deal with a substantial budget, Council decides to move these items forward. This is why we as citizens elect a Council – to be our voice!

As always, citizens are welcome to reach out to their City Councilors to discuss suggestions by emailing them through this portal.

What You Need to Know Before Making a Suggestion

City Council is already working through a list of priorities that they make every year which sets much of staff’s workload for the following fiscal year and designates a budget. Many of these priorities originated from citizen ideas. This list will help you to understand the many ideas and projects already in the works, and will give you the context you need when making a suggestion.

Make a Suggestion

There are several ways to make your suggestion:

  • You can reach out to the Citizen Engagement Coordinator directly via phone at (928) 203-5068 or text at (928) 821-6958.
  • You can also use Engage Sedona to connect with staff, City Councilors, and other citizens on pressing City issues.
  • You can interact with the Citizen Engagement Program’s happenings through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
  • Like mentioned above, you can email City Councilors, including the Mayor through this portal.
  • And you can always submit a suggestion to the Comment Box, which will come to the Citizen Engagement Coordinator.

Track Your Suggestion

Read this list to see all the suggestions made through the Citizen Engagement Program and their progress.

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