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New business checklist

Neon open signWhether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing business, this is the place to start. Your business is important to our community and we want to work with you to make sure your business succeeds. There are a number of steps a business owner must take before opening for business.

Permit checklist
Here is a summary of permits and licenses needed to open a business. Some require the payment of a fee ($). See the fees webpage for the current city rates.

• Business license ($)
Tenant occupancy permit ($)  
Fire safety inspection
Sign permit ($)
Certificate of Occupancy 

May be required
Tenant improvement permit ($)
Liquor license ($)
Health permit  

checkbox Business license

Contact: Sedona Finance Department, 928-204-7185, Location: City Hall, 102 Roadrunner Dr., Sedona, Building 106. Businesses operating within the city limits, including businesses operated out of a home, must have a current business license issued by the city. The annual fee for a license is $25. For additional information or questions visit our business license page.

checkbox  Site selection 

Contact: Community Development Department, 928-282-1154. Location: City Hall, 102 Roadrunner Dr., Sedona, Building 104. Call Community Development before you decide where to locate your business. Commercial properties are zoned for different types of businesses and it is important to know the allowable uses and restrictions of a property before making a decision.

Zoning. Determine the zoning for the property. Call 928-282-1154 or use the GIS map viewer

Parking. The amount of parking you'll be required to provide will be based on the type of business. Certain businesses have minimum parking requirements and some properties may have parking limitations. We will tell you what's required.

Wastewater. Some types of businesses may require additional wastewater capacity. You apply for commercial wastewater service. Call 928-204-7205 or visit Wastewater utility billing services.

checkbox Permits

Contact Community Development, 928-282-1154.  Download  a permit application. Prior to opening for business, an approved Tenant Occupancy Permit and a Certificate of Occupancy are required.

Tenant occupancy permit
Required for all businesses new to Sedona and businesses moving to a new location in the city. The purpose of this permit is to verify that the type of business is an allowed use for the property, that parking is adequate, that the appropriate wastewater fees are paid, and that the building is safe to occupy.

Tenant improvement permit
If you are making improvements or alterations to a building, you will need a Tenant Improvement Permit. This is required for any construction, remodeling, or renovations to the interior or exterior of a commercial building.

The city Building Inspector and Fire District Fire Marshal will visit the property and review the building to ensure that it is safe to open for business. After the building passes inspections a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued which will allow you to open for business.

Certificate of Occupancy
Required to open for business. The city will issue a Certificate of Occupancy after the building passes inspections by the Building Inspector and the Fire Marshal.

checkboxFire safety
Contact Sedona Fire District 928-282-6800,
Fire Station 1/District Office: 2860 Southwest Drive, Sedona
New businesses must have a fire inspection completed by the Fire Marshal to ensure that your plans and fire system meet Sedona’s fire code. This applies to new construction, remodels, and renovations of existing business space.

checkbox Sign permit
Contact: Sedona Community Development 928-282-1154, City Hall, 102 Roadrunner Drive, Sedona Building 104.
If you are installing new signs or changing an existing sign, you will need a sign permit. The City’s sign regulations are set forth in Article 11 of the Land Development Code which has information on Sedona’s sign standards on placement, colors, materials, and sign type. Call 928-282-1154 when deciding on a sign design before creating the sign.

checkbox Food business
If your business will be serving food, you will need to meet County health requirements.
• If your business is in Yavapai County, go to Yavapai County Environmental Health for more information. 
• If your business is in Coconino County, contact: Coconino County Public Health Services District, 928-679-7272, 2625 N. King St., Flagstaff.

checkbox Utilities  
here is a list of utility providers on the city’s utility web page.
Wastewater. Service in most of Sedona is provided by the Sedona Wastewater Department. See the Wastewater Division regulations.
Water. There are several private companies that provide water services. The Arizona Water Company serves most of Sedona.
Electric and gas. The provider of electricity throughout Sedona is APS. The natural gas provider is Unisource Energy Services.
Garbage. Trash collection is offered by a variety of private companies.

checkbox Liquor license
Contact Sedona Community Development 928-282-1154, City Hall, 102 Roadrunner Drive, Sedona, Building 104.
Contact:  Arizona Department of Liquor. If your business will purchase, store, serve, or provide liquor, you will need to be licensed by the Arizona Department of Liquor. If you will hold a special event that will serve liquor, the city requires Special Event Liquor Licenses.

Land development code 
Contact Sedona Community Development 928-282-1154, City Hall, 102 Roadrunner Drive, Sedona, Building 104/
The city’s Land Development Code and the City Code have a variety of regulations that may affect your business. There are standards on building height, landscaping, parking, lighting, and signs. Below are several issues to consider as you prepare to open.

  • Lighting. Sedona is a designated International Dark Sky City, and the Outdoor Lighting Code provides standards for outdoor lighting that will be energy efficient and dark sky compliant. If you are replacing a light fixture or installing new lights, refer to Article 9, Section 910 of the Land Development Code for the outdoor lighting standards.
  • Noise. The community values a quiet environment, especially at night. There are sound level limits for different times of the day which vary by zoning classification (see Chapter 8.25 of the City Code).
  • Home occupation.  A home occupation is a business, profession or other economic activity conducted full- or part-time in the principal residence of the person conducting the business. Please refer to Article 9, Section 915 of the Land Development Code for specific information and regulations.

City of Sedona:
    Finance Department, City Hall Building 106, 928-204-7185 
    Community Development Department, Development Services, City Hall Building 104, 928-282-1154
Sedona Fire District: 928-282-6800, Fire Station 1 (District office), 2860 Southwest Drive
Sedona Chamber of Commerce: 928-204-1123, 45 Sunset Drive; Sedona, AZ 86336

Verde Valley Regional Economic Organization: 928-274-3167, P.O. Box 57, Cottonwood, AZ. 86326
Yavapai Workforce Connection: 928-634-3337, 1500 East Cherry Street, Cottonwood, AZ 86326
Yavapai College Small Business Development Center: 928-776-2008

Arizona Department of Revenue: 800-542-5684, State info on: licensing and taxes
Arizona Commerce Authority: 602-845-1200, 333 N. Central Ave., Suite 1900, Phoenix, AZ 85004