Schnebly CFA & Oak Creek District

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Project Name: Schnebly CFA Plan & Oak Creek Heritage District

Summary: The CFA Plan will guide future development and addresses land use, circulation, environment, and community issues.

Location: The CFA is located along Schnebly Hill Road, north of the intersection with SR 179, and east of Oak Creek. 

Project Status: City Council adopted the CFA Plan on April 11, 2017 by a vote of 7-0.

December 2018 Update: City Council adopted the revised Land Development Code (LDC), effective 12/14/18 which includes a new zoning district for this CFA, the Oak Creek Heritage District (LDC § 2.20). Property owners interested in rezoning to the new district are encouraged to contact staff* to learn more about the rezoning process unique to this area.

Oak Creek Heritage District Summary
Excerpts from the LDC regarding the new OC zone.

Rezoning Information and Application
Property owners may submit an application to request a rezone to the new OC district.

City Council meetings: Schnebly CFA
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Planning and Zoning Commission meetings:
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Sedona Community Plan or Community Focus Areas
Zoning Map of the Schnebly CFA This map shows zoning designations as of November 2018.

*For more information contact Cynthia Lovely, senior planner at (928) 203-5035