Ranger Station Park Planning


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Vision for a new park at the old Ranger Station  

The Draft Master Plan (shown to the right) was presented to City Council on November 10, 2016.

Major Elements:
• Barn and House: multi-purpose community rental spaces
• Plaza: multi-purpose open area between the house and barn
• Open Lawn: large open area south of the barn

Park Amenities:
• Walking path
• Picnic tables, benches
• Swings
• Play feature
• Pickleball courts
• Historic interpretive information
• Art murals and sculptures

Possible Activities:
• Community events
• Weddings, family reunions
• Community garden, farmers market
• Concerts, dances, plays, movies
• Historic talks and tours
• Classes, workshops, meetings, conferences
• Temporary art galleries

   Draft Master Plan
Design Features:
• Green building: energy and water efficient
• Native landscaping: plants representative of the natural, local landscape
• Orchard trees for shade and in recognition of the historic orchards in Sedona

Questions or comments? Contact Cynthia Lovely by email or by phone (928-203-5035)



Project Background:
In 2014 the City of Sedona purchased 3.4 acres at 250 Brewer Road that was the former Forest Service Sedona Ranger Station and District offices. The property includes the historic Forest Service Ranger Station house (1917) and barn (1934), which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The City is now developing a park master plan which will serve as a guide for future renovations, design, construction, and public use of the buildings and property. The proposal is based on the many comments received.


Highlights in the History of the Ranger Station Property

City of Sedona purchases the 3.4 acre parcel on Brewer Road which includes the historic barn and house.

The 21-acre lot is split into 3 parcels when the private owner divested of the property.

Ranger Station Residence, Barn, and Pumphouse listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Ranger Station buildings are eligible for their significance to the history of Sedona, the Forest Service, and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The period of significance is from 1917 to 1958 (when the new administration building was built and the residence converted to office space). At the state level, the Ranger Station is significant as one of the earliest standing ranger stations in Arizona.

U.S. Forest Service auctions 21-acre parcel for $8.4 million. A condition of purchase was a Preservation Covenant that insures that the house and barn are preserved and their historic character maintained in perpetuity.

The two buildings are designated as City of Sedona Historic Landmarks by the City's Historic Preservation Commission.

The administration building was built south of the barn (this building is not considered historically significant, is in poor condition and likely to be demolished).


Barn 2 



The USFS/Delia Hart Pumphouse is built circa 1935 by the CCC to pump water from Oak Creek. The Pumphouse is located to east of the ranger station between SR 179 and Oak Creek, and was connected to the Ranger Station by a series of water pipes. The Pumphouse was in use until 1950.
The Ranger Station Barn is constructed by the CCC, using Forest Service plans for a “Standard Ranger Station Barn.” The barn is 2000 sq. ft. with a second-story hayloft at the east end of the building. The interior of the barn has been modified for use as storage, workshops, and offices by the Forest Service.

The Ranger Station house was built in 1917. The building follows a standard Forest Service plan for a “Three-Room Ranger Dwelling.” The building was expanded in the 1930s when a porch was added, which was then enclosed after 1985.

Sedona Ranger Station established
historic house