75 Blackhawk Lane Variance



Project Name: 75 Blackhawk Lane Variance

Project Number: VAR18-00001

Request: Request for a reduction to the required rear yard setback for the RS-10b Zoning District from 20 feet to 12.5 feet (37.5% reduction).

Project Summary: Application for Variance to reduce the required rear yard setback for this property. This application is in conjunction with a building permit to construct a single family residence on the property, which is attached to the existing garage.

Location: 75 Blackhawk Lane

Project Status: A public hearing with the Board of Adjustment was held on November 8, 2018 and and the variance was approved, subject to the conditions recommended in the staff report.

Board of Adjustment (Hearing Officer) Meeting: The following date links to meeting materials. Meeting materials typically include a staff report, application materials, and public comments.

Application Documents

For more information, contact Matt Kessler, associate planner, (928) 203-5090, mkessler@sedonaaz.gov