Andante Inn Amendment Proposal



Project Name: Andante Inn Major Community Plan Amendment ProposalAndante Inn Aerial

Project Number: PZ18-00005 (Major CPA, ZC, DEV)

Request: Request for a Major Community Plan Amendment (Major CPA), Conceptual Zone Change (ZC) and Conceptual Development Review (DEV).

Project Summary:  The request is for consideration of a Major Community Plan Amendment in order to allow for the consideration of a 68-room expansion to an existing hotel. The proposal also includes a conceptual review of the zone change and development review application. The subject property comprises 4.36 acres at the southwest corner of State Route 89A and Stutz Bearcat Drive, is designated as Commercial on the Sedona Community Plan’s Future Land Use Map, is not within one of the City's Lodging Area Limits, and is currently zoned General Commercial (C-2).

If approved, the Major CPA request would re-designate the property as Commercial/Lodging on the Community Plan’s Future Land Use Map and allow for the future consideration of a zone change and development review application for the proposed hotel expansion. The zone change would proposed to rezone the property from General Commercial (C-2) to Lodging (L) and the development review would be for the proposed site plan and building design.

Location: 2545 State Route 89A, Sedona

Project Status: Project withdrawn by applicant

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For more information, contact Mike Raber, senior planner, (928) 204-7106,