75 Kallof Place Wireless Facility


PZ18-00002 (CUP)

Photo simProject Name: 75 Kallof Place Wireless Facility

Project Number: PZ18-00002 (CUP)

Request: Request for a new 75' monopine wireless tower.

Project Summary: Application for a Conditional Use Permit to allow for a new 75' monopine tower and ancillary equipment within an approximately 400 sf. enclosed area.

Location: 75 Kallof Place, Sedona

Project Status: Planning and Zoning Commission approved a Conditional Use Permit for a 70 foot monopine on July 3, 2018. 

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Planning and Zoning Commission Meetings:  The following dates will link to meeting materials when available. Meeting materials typically include a staff memo/report, application materials, and public comments.

Application Documents

For more information, contact Warren Campbell, assistant director, (928) 203-5049, wcampbell@sedonaaz.gov