Changes to Major Amendment Criteria


PZ19-00003 (Minor CPA)

Project Name: Changes to Criteria for Major Community Plan Amendments

Request: Request for a text amendment to the Sedona Community Plan to redefine what is considered a Major Amendments 

Project Summary: Proposed change to major community plan amendment criteria, including, allowing the following to be considered a minor amendment: (1) increase in residential density, and (2) select projects on parcels 5 acres or less. See project description for details on all proposed changes. 

Location: City-wide

Project Status: Project scheduled for public hearing with Planning and Zoning Commission on May 7, 2019.   

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Planning and Zoning Commission Meetings: The following dates link to meeting materials. Meeting materials typically include a staff report, application materials, and public comments. 

The May 7, 2019 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting has been canceled.  The agenda item for this meeting included a City-initiated request for a minor amendment to the Sedona Community Plan that would affect the criteria for  major amendments to the Sedona Community Plan. Since this is a City-initiated request, staff is concerned that this item is being perceived as related to an application for a major amendment to the Community Plan (Serenade Apartments) that is currently under review. This City-initiated request will therefore not be proposed to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council while the Serenade project is under consideration.

Project Materials (March 2019 Submittal):

For more information, contact Mike Raber, senior planner: (928) 204-7106;