Serenade Apartments


PZ19-00002 (Major CPA)

Project Name: Serenade Apartments

Serenade Apartments Site Plan

Request: Request for Major Community Plan Amendment. This request is to redesignate the property from Single-Family Medium Density to Multi-Family High Density in the Community Plan. If this amendment is approved, the applicant would then apply for a zone change and development review, which would need to be approved before construction could begin. 

Project Summary: Proposed construction of 52 apartment units on 2.54 acres.

Location: East of Andante Drive, northeast of Lyric/Andante intersection (accessed through 300 Andante Drive)

Project Status: Withdrawn

Project Materials (March 2019 Submittal):

For more information, contact Mike Raber, senior planner: (928) 204-7106;