The Village at Saddlerock Crossing (Oxford Hotel)


PZ19-00005 (ZC, DEV)

Village at Saddlerock Corner PerspectiveProject Name: The Village at Saddlerock Crossing (Oxford Hotel)

Request: Request for zone change and development review.

Summary: Project proposal for a mixed use development on six acres, to include hotel, restaurant/bar, retail spaces, and multi-family and employee residences.

Location: 82 Saddlerock Circle (multiple parcels)

Project Status: Comprehensive Review application submitted in April 2019 and is currently undergoing review by Staff. This project was originally submitted under project number PZ16-00013. That application only completed Conceptual Review (September 28, 2017). The current iteration of the project is being reviewed as a new project.  

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Project Materials (April 2019 - Comprehensive Review)

PZ16-00013 (ZC, DEV) This project was originally submitted in 2016 under PZ16-00013. Due to the amount of time that has passed and the current application being reviewed under the new Land Development Code (adopted in November 2018), the project is considered a new application. However, for reference, the previous application materials and Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting Materials are available at the links below. 


Planning and Zoning Commission Meetings



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