Sedona Grand View


Project Name: Sedona Grand View Appeal

Request: Consideration of an appeal of the decision of the Zoning Administrator (Community Development Director) relative to the interpretation of the Sedona Land Development Code.

Summary: The Zoning Administrator has interpreted that the expansion of an existing, legal nonconforming one bedroom apartment unit into an adjacent laundry room, in order to create a two bedroom unit, is considered an increase in nonconformance and is therefore not permissible under the restrictions of Article 12.

Location: 150 Sombart Lane

Project Status:  On April 12th, Hearing Officer John Plotkin ruled in favor of the appellant, determining that the proposed remodel does not constitute an increase in nonconformity.

Board of Adjustment Meeting: April 12, 2017

Project Materials:

Agenda, BOA Meeting 4-12-17

Meeting Materials 4-12-17

Vicinity Map


Appeal from Applicant

Interpretation Expansion of a Nonconforming Use

Floor Plan of Proposed Change

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