Rentals & reservations


Parks Office: 525 Posse Ground Rd. (928) 282-7098

Popular Ramada #2Are you interested in renting with us? Great! Here are some things to consider to help you submit your reservation request.

Decide on a location

Below is a list of locations that may be rented. Click on the listed name for more information about that location.

Posse Grounds Park (park map)
Picnic Ramadas
Sand Volleyball Court
Tennis Courts
Basketball Court
Bike Park
Softball Concession Stand Sunset Park (park map)
Recreation Room
Picnic Ramadas
Upper Softball Field Tennis Court
Lower Softball Field Basketball/Multi-use Court
Multi-use Field Grass Area
Pavilion (info packet)
Skate Park Wetlands Preserve
The HUB Picnic Ramadas

Determine your category

Fees are charged based on the category of your rental. You can view the different fee schedules below by clicking the "$" under the category of your rental. The categories are:


Most rentals fall in this category. These are events that don’t require much planning with our office.

Sports groups

This category is for sports groups using the space for organized practice or games.


Weddings and/or rentals that require extensive set-up, multiple days, or extended hours fall in this category. Exceptions may apply as determined by the Parks & Recreation staff.

Download the appropriate rental/reservation form

By clicking on the Doc icon under your category of rental, you can download the appropriate form. Rental/Reservation Forms must be completed in their entirety. Failure to include all information could result in a delay in processing your request. For all Event rentals, please read the Special Events Proposal Package (Package) which helps you determine if our facilities fit your needs. Please submit all forms to

Hourly Sports groups Events 
General Rentals $ Doc $ Doc $ Package
The HUB $ Doc - - $ Package

Does your event need liability insurance?

Depending on the nature of your event, general liability insurance may be required. The city participates in the Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP) that will allow you to secure short-term liability insurance at a reasonable price. See the resources below. 

Additional Rental Resources


 ADA Notice