Community Awareness Team


The Sedona Police Department Community Awareness Team implements community-policing programs that help to educate citizens about crime and crime prevention techniques. Through the use of these educational and informational programs the Community Awareness Team attempts to reduce the potential of Sedona residents becoming victims of crime.

The Community Awareness Team uses programs such as community watch to form partnerships with the community to help the police department solve problems. Unlike traditional law enforcement where the police were the answer to the problem, the Sedona Police Department includes the community as a valuable part of the problem solving team.

The Community Awareness Team also offers programs that assist members of the community such as, dangerous stranger and safety programs for children, personal safety programs, home and business security surveys and many others to help keep the Sedona Community a safe place and prevent crime. The members of the Sedona Police Department are available for business safety presentations and fairs. For some tips, click here.

For more information, please contact Crime Prevention Officer Jackie McQuaid at (928) 282-3100.