Composite photo of public works employees 

Public Works mission

Providing a safe and enjoyable experience, through cost effective, quality infrastructure and services.

What we do

Administration is responsible for oversight of all public works including budgeting, contract management, the RFP/bid process to procure services and emergency response coordination.

Project Management for Transportation, Parks, and the Arts programs, and Right of Way/Inspection services.  This group manages capital improvement projects, right-of-way maintenance and traffic improvements, safety and quality inspections, and issues permits. We work on signage and signals, and parks construction projects.

Project Management for Wastewater and Police, and Development Services. This group manages capital improvement projects, conducts development reviews and issues permits. Projects include construction at the wastewater plant and wetlands, police shooting range improvements, and development reviews for neighborhood improvements and business properties.

Project Management for Stormwater, and Stormwater Quality is responsible for capital improvements to manage storm water, ensuring that the city meets federal rules for managing stormwater, assisting and educating residents to help preserve and maintain water quality, and issues permits. Projects include building structures for flood control, property protection and protection of ground water in the Oak Creek watershed.

City Maintenance Services and Facility Maintenance employees ensure that city facilities are safe and in good repair. This includes 31 office and park buildings, landscaping maintenance, sign repair and replacement, emergency response to accidents and safety issues, and support for Christmas tree collections and yard waste disposal.