Capital Improvement Projects


Fiscal Year 19 Projects

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Municipal Court

 Project Name                                                                                                              Status                          
 Courtroom Remodel                                                                                                            - Under Design        

Police Projects

 Project Name                                                                                                              Status                        
 PD Facility Renovation                                                                                                       - Pre-Design
 PD Shooting Range Improvements - Design Complete

Storm Drainage Projects 

 Project Name  Status         
 Coffee Pot Drainage Improvements - (Map)                                                                      - Under Construction  
 Juniper Hills Area Drainage Improvements - Under Design

 Streets Projects

 Project Name                                                                                                            Status                         
 Dry Creek Road Overlay   - Project Complete  
 Sedona in Motion 1 - Uptown Roadway Improvements                                           - Under Design
 Sedona in Motion 3A & 3B - Uptown Parking, Wayfinding, and One-Way - Under Design
 Sedona in Motion 4C - Pedestrian Crossing at Tlaquepaque - Pre-Design
 Sedona in Motion 4D - SR 89A & SR 179 Y Roundabout Bypass Lanes - Pre-Design
 Sedona in Motion 5A - Portal-Brewer-Ranger Connection - Under Design
 Sedona in Motion 5B - Forest Road Connection - Under Design 
 Sedona in Motion 8 - Enhanced Transit Service - Tourism - Under Design 
 Sedona in Motion 11A - 11I - Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements - Under Design
 Sedona in Motion 12A, 12B - Traveler Information - Traffic Data & Video Services     - Pre-Design

 Wastewater Projects

 Project Name                                                                                                            Status                          
 Mystic Hills & Chapel Lift Station Replacement                                                              - Under Design
 WWRP Administrative Building Remodel - Under Design
 WWRP Tertiary Filters Upgrade - Under Design
 SR179 Sewer Main Repair at Oak Creek Pedestrian Bridge - Pre-Design
 SR179 Sewer Main Upsize - Pre-Design