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Cactus Asphalt performs maintenance activities in Uptown
Posted April 11

 Cactus Asphalt will complete crack sealing operations between April 12-14 on the following roads: Elberta Drive, Tonto Road, Orchard Lane, Mormon Hill Road, Sedona Vista Drive, Sunset Lane, Peach Lane, Hillside Avenue, Mountain View Drive and a portion of Schnebly Road.

Some of the work is in preparation for an annual scheduled paving program. The city will continue to implement Fractured Aggregate Surface Treatment -- FAST --on residential streets with lower traffic volumes. Construction activities will generally occur from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. with traffic regularly restricted to a single lane. Access to residential driveways may be temporarily restricted for up to 10 minutes while Cactus Asphalt applies the crack sealing. On-street parking will also be restricted during construction. Traffic control will consist of signage and flagmen.

Please reduce speeds through work areas, maintain a safe distance from work vehicles, and be cautious of fresh oils used for crack sealing.  

 Hart Road lane restrictions for APS service work 
Last updated April 11

Lane restrictions may be in effect on Hart Road April 6-30 as APS will be working on an existing pole and placing a new transformer. APS may have equipment and crews placed and parked the shoulders of Hart Road. Access will remain open on Hart Road. For information contact Arizona Public Service at 928-646-8553.

Soldiers Pass, Posse Ground and Carruth Drive lane restrictions - CenturyLink Cable Replacement 
Last updated March 20

Beginning March 20 and continuing through April 20, lane restrictions will be in effect on Soldiers Pass Road, Carruth Drive and Posse Ground Road for cable replacement work. Work is being performed by contractor Team Fischel on behalf of CenturyLink. As work commences near SR 89A and moves north to the Posse Ground Road and Carruth Drive intersection, traffic and pedestrian restrictions will be in effect in the immediate work zone area. To help minimize disruptions work will conducted via directional bore; a daily goal of 250 feet has been set by the contractor. Please allow extra time for your daily travels, slow down and obey all traffic control devices. Need more info? CenturyLink contact: Armen McNerlin, (928) 634-2101 Team Fischel contact: Rob Jenkins,  (928) 460-2003

SR 89A Vista Point Overlook - long-term ADOT project
Last updated March 29


 The Central Federal Lands Highway Division of the Federal Highway Administration, in cooperation with the Arizona Department of Transportation and U.S. Forest Service, is widening and rehabilitating approximately 8.4 miles of SR 89A in Oak Creek Canyon, beginning at the Vista Point Overlook and continuing north to the JW Powell Boulevard intersection. The purpose of this project is to improve safety and traffic operations along SR 89A. There will be daytime restrictions and nighttime closures through fall 2017.

Get the details by visiting the project website at

Uptown traffic control  Map  
Last updated Apr 19

 The city continues work to support traffic flow for safety, and business and tourism support, in the Uptown area. On April 22-23, the city may implement traffic control measures between the hours of 1 and 5 p.m., and may extend the hours if conditions change or traffic congestion increases. 

As a reminder, Uptown temporary traffic control may include any or all of the following; left turn restrictions, crosswalk control, pedestrian control, and an additional southbound lane on SR 89A between Forest Road and Amara Lane. 

With full restrictions, northbound motorists traveling to Jordan Road businesses will be directed to Forest Road or Apple Avenue for access. These control measures will help visitors to access Uptown shops and keep traffic moving from the canyon.  Questions about Uptown traffic flow? Contact Jerry Hutchison, right of way specialist, at (928) 203-5083 or

Get the Uptown traffic flow map that shows the restrictions.


As always, we appreciate your patience; please drive safely.