Wetlands Preserve white amur stocking

White Amur fish planted in Sedona Wetlands

Image of grass carp

During the evening of June 8, 2015 White Amur Grass Carp fish were planted in the ponds of the Sedona Wetland Preserve.  Under a permit from Arizona Game and Fish Department the fish, which will not reproduced, were planted as a weed control measure. 

Two hundred fish were placed in five ponds. The fish as planted are about 12-inches long.  As staff noted when we drained pond five to create the mudflat area this year there are already fish in the ponds.  We noticed a surprising number of gold fish. Many of these were transferred to other ponds.

The White Amur (Ctenopharyngodon idellus) came from Arkansas.  Because the Sedona Wetlands Preserve is an isolated water the fish will not be able to enter the native Arizona waters. Please note that fishing is not allowed in the Sedona Wetlands Preserve area.

White Amur has an interesting history. Marco Polo made comments about the fish and Taiwan’s involvement with the fish is reported to date to 400 B.C. Amur fish are also associated with places as diverse as Russia, Egypt, and China.

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