Updated July 23, 2019

A community planning process is underway with a goal to make Sedona more walkable and bikeable. The result of the process will be a Master Plan that will serve as a guiding document to outline the steps necessary to achieve this.  

» Visit the GO Sedona bike/walk community planning page

A new 600-foot long pathway within Sunset Park linking Sunset and Shelby drives has been completed. The city has submitted an application to ADOT to create green lane pavement markings in turn-lane transition areas of State Route 89A in west Sedona; ADOT is now in the process of getting federal approval for this.

High priority areas for new shared-use paths include Schnebly Hill Road from the roundabout west to Bear Wallow Lane, and Southwest Drive from City Hall along to Rodeo Road, and extending from Sunset Park to State Route 89A.

Consultant SWI is assisting with identifying preferred locations of paths and connections. Other possible future projects include:

  • A multi-use path from Uptown to West Sedona: the Sedona Trails and Pathways System would be used by walkers and bike-riders.
  • Wide paved shoulders on Dry Creek Road to support safe bike riding.
  • Bike boulevard running parallel and to the north and south of SR 89A using existing streets with some new connecting pathways.
  • Sidewalk connections to link neighborhoods and provide better resident access to parks and services, and opportunities for more outdoor activities.

 Bike and pedestrian improvements