Updated April 2019 

Wayfinding signage

The city will install vehicular, point-of-interest, and trailhead wayfinding signage; signs that are located in ADOT right of way must meet that agency's design requirements. Signage improves awareness of and access to underutilized off-street public parking in the Uptown area and helps travelers find destinations more quickly, contributing to improved traffic flow.

  • Uptown signage design is complete; purchasing is underway. Signage in Uptown is coordinated with marketing and education materials, which are distributed to visitors at hotels, the Visitor Center and online. Pedestrian informational kiosks are also planned for Uptown.
  • West Sedona signage. Citywide sign locations have been identified.
  • Sidewalk kiosks. Visitor information kiosks are expected to be installed by July 2019.

Wayfinding signage will eventually extend through West Sedona, helping travelers find destinations more quickly.

Expanded parking and one-way streets

One-way streets.  A high-level study of one-way streets for Van Deren, Wilson and Smith is in draft form. The primary purpose behind considering one-way streets is to improve safety and facilitate safe parking on these very narrow streets. Outreach with residents will occur before any further potential action is taken.

Parking. A consultant to perform a parking garage siting study is expected to be hired before summer 2019. More and better access to parking in Uptown creates better passage for residents on neighborhood streets by mitigating illegal parking. The focus is on existing lots and adjacent areas as well as consideration of possible new parking areas or construction of a parking garage. Some off-street parking lots could be designated solely for tour bus parking and employee parking.