Updated Dec. 2018

The city council has authorized a formal cost-sharing agreement with the Arizona Department of Transportation, and the draft agreement is now undergoing ADOT's review process. If ADOT approves the agreement the state will be the managing entity for the project because the area is within ADOT right-of-way. 

The city is committed to working with adjacent business and property owners to maximize parking space retention and ensure access needs are met. Assuming design work and right-of-way acquisition proceed as planned, construction is expected to begin in FY2021. 

This project would allow a portion of traffic to bypass fully entering the SR89 / 179 roundabout by adding curb-separated right-turn lanes for vehicles headed southbound and northbound. With no traffic it takes 12 minutes to travel from Bell Rock Blvd to the Y. In severe congestion it takes 36 minutes. This level of severe congestion occurred on six days between February and June 2017. This project is expected to reduce travel time from 36 to 24 minutes during peak congestion periods.

Estimated cost is $2.7 million.

Illustration of SR89A & 179 bypass lanes