Updated July 23, 2019

What's new. The consultant is working on the final phases of the transit implementation plan, which include recommendations for governance, funding and marketing of transit services. The plan is expected to be presented to city council in fall 2019. There is also work underway to model proposed routes and infrastructure improvements. The consultant has identified the Y intersection as the only general area feasible for a transit hub, and the city is contemplating land acquisition in this area.

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Background information

LSC Transportation Consultants, a transportation and traffic engineering firm with offices in Colorado, California and Nevada, has been contracted for development of a greater Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon transit plan. The majority of the funding for the contract is provided by a federal grant, with $30,000 coming from city SIM funds and $10,000 from Coconino County. The Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau has pledged $10,000 for potential additional development work.

The project study is focused in two areas: (1) development of a visitor-oriented shuttle that would serve the greater Sedona area, including Oak Creek Canyon and the Village of Oak Creek, and (2) enhanced circulation service within Sedona city limits.

Because the proposed transit system must cross jurisdictional boundaries and presumably would have multiple partners for operations, a multi-jurisdictional project team has been organized to serve as the technical advisory committee and work alongside the consultants. The advisory committee includes members from the city, Arizona Department of Transportation, Sedona Fire District, U.S. Forest Service, Coconino County, Arizona State Parks, Cottonwood Area Transit, and the Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau.

Jason Miller
LSC Transportation Consultants

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