This project seeks to improve the appearance and community feeling of Sedona's Uptown area through a combination of street, hardscape and landscape improvements designed to control traffic flow and remove a variety of causes of slow-downs. Facets of this project include:  

  •  A decorative raised median to direct pedestrians to controlled crossings that also enhance the appearance of Uptown.
  • Additional southbound SR89A travel lane through Uptown.
  • Turnaround points at the north and south ends of Uptown. 
  • One-way access from 89A to free parking via Schnebly Road.
  • Estimated cost is $3.6 million.

With no traffic, it takes seven minutes to travel from the Trout Farm to the Y. In severe congestion it takes 42 minutes. With this strategy, a severely congested trip would be reduced from 42 minutes to 15 minutes. The raised median reduces turning movement conflicts and uncontrolled pedestrian crossings. Roundabouts facilitate U-turns and serve to keep vehicles consistently moving at safe speeds.

Uptown roadway improvements