Updated April 2019

Download the Uptown Roadways 90 percent design information sheet.

Eagle Mountain Construction, based in Flagstaff, will manage construction of the Uptown Roadways Improvement project. Construction is set to begin after spring break 2019 with completion anticipated before spring break 2020. 

Project hotline: (928) 852-4164. 

The city is committed to assist business owners during the construction period and the contractor scope of work includes responsibilities for communicating with business owners, and responding promptly to any issues that arise. Maintaining access to businesses and minimizing impacts are high priorities. The contractor will sequence work and set construction hours based on input from business owners.

Below: A council-approved concept for the median, inspired by ideas received from an open call to the public.

Uptown median conceptAbout the project. This project seeks to improve traffic flow, and the appearance and community feeling of Sedona's Uptown area, through a combination of street, hardscape and landscape improvements designed to control traffic flow and remove a variety of causes of slow-downs. Included:  

  • Decorative raised median to direct pedestrians to controlled crossings and enhance the appearance of Uptown.
  • Addition of a southbound SR89A travel lane.
  • Turnaround points at the north and south ends of Uptown, including a Jordan Road roundabout. 
  • One-way access from 89A to free parking via Schnebly Road.
  • Pedestrian control and signal timing improvements at the intersection of SR89A and Forest Rd.
  • Estimated cost is $3.6 million.

With no traffic, it takes seven minutes to travel from the Trout Farm to the Y. In severe congestion it takes 42 minutes. With this strategy, a severely congested trip would be reduced from 42 minutes to 15 minutes. The raised median reduces turning movement conflicts and uncontrolled pedestrian crossings. Roundabouts facilitate U-turns and serve to keep vehicles consistently moving at safe speeds.

Uptown roadway improvements